President's Report: 

March 2017:

Hi Riders,

Thank you for your ongoing support of SVDC. Our committee strives to provide an enjoyable and fun atmosphere but we are always looking for new members to join and bring forward new ideas and fresh enthusiasm to the sport. We would love to hear from you. Also it is that time of year again with membership renewals due from April 1st. You can download our 2017-2018 membership form on our website. Look out for upcoming clinics, our critique day and an exciting FEI indoor competition in July. In the meantime take care and have fun.

Happy riding.

Jo Taylor, President

Operating Financial Statement

For those members interested in the financials for the Club during the 2015-2016 year, you can view the Statement here.

Grounds Open Days

If you are a financial member of SVDC, you have access to our grounds on each Saturday one week before our scheduled competitions.  This is a great opportunity to ride on the arenas and familiarise yourself and your horse with the grounds.  All of our scheduled open days are shown on our 2016-2017 calendar.

The grounds are open from 9am to 12pm weather permitting.  If you would like to take a horse down to the grounds, please always check before leaving in case of inclement weather.  There may be times when it is not possible to use the arenas/grounds due to heavy rain on the day or leading up to the open days or forecast temperatures in excess of 36 degrees.

The Club contact for opening grounds is Jemma Turner 0404 003 283.

Please remember that all of our ground rules still apply to open days.  Riders must wear Australian approved helmets at all times and riders are asked to clean up any manure, baling twine etc.

Please advise the Convenor on the day of your membership number.


EA National has released a Safe Practices Guidelines for owners of stallions whilst at a venue.  If you would like to read these guidelines, they can be viewed here.