If you aren't already a member of Southern Vales Dressage Club, why not join ?

Become part of the local dressage community, meet like-minded horse lovers and enthusiasts.

Southern Vales Dressage Club supports members through

  • Discounted entry fees enabling substantial savings if you compete regularly

  • The opportunity to attend member club days and compete at our Member Championships

  • Clinics and other activities organised by Southern Vales Dressage Club at discount fees

  • Access to the arenas one a month for practice or to familiarise your horse with the grounds

  • Discounted subscription to "Moving Forward", South Australia's official dressage club magazine

  • Providing a safe, friendly and fun environment for all dressage enthusiasts

Membership is due in December each year, however, you can become a member of the Club anytime.

We offer 3 full year levels of membership and 3 half year memberships:

  • Single Rider Senior Membership:  $65.00 per annum + $50 helper fee = $115
  • Single Rider Youth (Age 25) Membership:   $65.00 per annum + $50 Helper fee
  • Family Membership:                         $85.00 per annum  + $50 helper fee
  • Part Year Membership Snr:             $35.00 from 1st June - 31st December  + $50 helper fee
  • Part Year Membership Youth:        $22 from 1st June - 31st December + $50 helper fee
  • Part Year Membership Family:       $50.00 from 1st June - 31st December + $50 helper fee

Helper Obligation

Due to the ongoing struggle to find enough helpers to cover our requirements on competition days, we have decided to trial a $50 compulsory fee which can be redeemed for cash on completion of your helper day.
We realise that not everyone can commit to a helper day at the Club which is a requirement when joining.  In line with several other clubs in South Australia, we are giving members the option to nominate a competition they'd like to help at by contacting the club via phone, email or social media with their preferred helper month to receive their $50 back, which is now payable upon joining.