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Email your entries to: svdcentries@gmail.com

Closing Date

Sunday 17th December 2017​

Closed Unrestricted Competition


Entry Form

Sunday 21st January 2018

Competitive, Participation, 
Closed Unrestricted & Interschool


Entry Form

Sunday 18th February 2018

Closed Unrestricted Competition


Entry Form


You can pay your entry fees by Internet Bank Transfer, cheque or money order.  Please do not send cash.

Internet Bank Transfer:  You MUST reference the payment to your Surname.  You MUST print a copy of your internet transfer receipt and post or email a copy with your entry form as proof of payment.  Failure to do any of the above will result in your entry being returned.

Bank Details for internet transfer of entry fees:

Account Name: Southern Vales Dressage Club

Bank: ANZ  BSB: 015-627  Account #: 4862 10576

Cheques and Money Orders:  Cheques or Money Orders are to be made payable to Southern Vales Dressage Club and must accompany your completed entry form.  You must post your entry if paying by either of these two methods.

Postal Address

The Draw Secretary

Southern Vales Dressage Club

PO Box 464

McLaren Vale  SA  5171

If you have any questions about our entry forms or competitions, please visit our FAQ page, Rules and Policies or contact us.


The draw is subject to change up to 9pm Thursday before event.  Please re-check your draw before the competition as scratchings may cause time changes.


Note: Our Wet Weather Policy now applies.